The aim of Pixie Tours is to enable its guests to discover the beauty and history of the South West of England in comfort and style. Our guest will be escorted in luxury vehicles, removing the stress of driving and navigating while witnessing a wide variety of fascinating sights, many of which would be missed when travelling on their own.

Pixie Tours travel along routes that many guests would not normally follow such as very narrow roads or more off off the beaten track routes that are more difficult to find.

There are many places of outstanding natural beauty in Cornwall and Devon both coastal and inland. There is a rich variety of historical sites, some of which date back as far as 2500 BC. Mining, fishing and farming are the traditional backbones of the Cornish economy although, today, our visitors are the most important guests.

We provide guided tours of Cornwall and the West Country – guaranteed to reach those local attractions that most tourists fail to find. Pixie Tours provides luxury transport linking Cornwall with cities and airports throughout the UK.

We also run regular tours catering for the many cruise ships that visit Cornwall’s ports. Meeting you when the ship docks and returning in time for you to enjoy some of the local atmosphere of Falmouth or Fowey before leaving harbour en-route for your next cruise destination. With provided luxury transport, our tour guide will take you on a tour of some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring locations in that part of Cornwall.

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  • Raining? Camping? No Problem - We know how hard it can be to organise a successful camping trip - you need  plan like crazy and, of course, you need to plan for the unthinkable – rain!! The good news is that there are lots of impromptu things that you can do it rains, but it is also wise to be prepared for a rainy day in advance. Take a Vote Each family member should have a say about what they might like to do if it rains on your family camping trip. Its really down to personal preference, because some of your family may like to participate in a boat ride or go fishing if it's drizzling a bit, while others may prefer the safety and warmth of the tent. Of course, it is important to discuss this beforehand and let each family member know that they are responsible for bringing along something to keep them occupied if it does rain. Depending on the campsite, wi-fi and phone signals may not be availble, so, if possible try and find out things like this in advance.   Board Games There are so many games to play that it's worth takings some favorites along just in case. Board games are always popular and everyone can enjoy them but, …