Alaska is the largest state in the United States and can be accessed from both the Pacific and Arctic Oceans. These among other natural attractions make her a favorite spot for Alaska vacations. One of her major attractions includes the Denali National Park and Preserve that is situated in Anchorage. Among the interesting things to see here include Mount McKinley which is North America’s highest mountain, the sub arctic tundra, mountain vistas and glaciers. The wildlife in Alaska is available in abundance and vacationers will have a delightful time sampling the best of what nature has to offer.

Alaska vacations can never be complete without engaging in the numerous sporting activities that make the vacation even more exciting. These include mountain biking, day hikes, white water rafting, camping, kayaking, fishing and ice-skating among others. Bird watching will be a thrill for bird lovers and this can be done while enjoying a cruise on the beautiful blue waters of her lakes and rivers. The best time to visit Alaska has to be in the months of June to September since there is low traffic of tourists, and this guarantees a crowd free vacation for optimum entertainment.

Art lovers will have a delightful Alaskan vacation experience at her Anchorage Museum of History and Art. This is the largest of its kind here and records the highest number of visitors every year. Some of her interesting displays include American colonization, Alaskan history, a history of the Native Americans as well as the culture and art of the people of Alaska. The Hubbard Glacier is a must visit during this vacation as it opens peoples’ eyes to the most fascinating titanic glacier. Witnessing this glacier calve is one of the most interesting things that people come here to watch. This calving has been named as one of nature’s most awesome events.

Alaska bear viewing is another exciting attraction while on an Alaskan vacation. The Hallo Bay offers bear viewing spots and watching these interesting animals is a thrill. This bay is found on the pacific Coast and harbors a variety of brown bears. These beautiful animals thrive here since they can access their favorite natural foods and habitat. Alaska is also home to active volcanoes that make a heavenly viewing of crater lakes while on vacation. These are found on the Pacific tectonic Plates and provide vacationers a switch to a breathtaking experience of the marvels of Mother Nature.

Alaska vacations are taken a notch higher by the Alaska cruises that take enthusiasts on numerous travels across the warm turquoise waters of the Pacific. This offers a great opportunity to sample her awesome islands, forested coastline, and glaciers. From the graceful Mount Roberts, vacationers have a beautiful view of the Alaskan cities that lie beautifully below them. Whale watching is another delight and the tropical climate is perfect for a whale watching cruise. Swimming in the warm waters is a must as well as engaging in water sports which make the vacation a memorable experience for a long time to come. Alaska accommodation and sumptuous cuisine complete this vacation. In fact, one visit is simply not enough.