Close your eyes and let’s imagine – The warm sunshine spread around your face as you make your way to the beach, the warmth of the soft sand wrapping around your feet. Soft wind fall gently on your face…

Wow! Yes, destination wedding! When I was a young girl, I never think about I could have a amazing destination wedding, but as my betrothed and I — He think about that, and want give a dream wedding! And lucky, I have an opportunity to talk with a destination wedding plan company owner, one of my best friend. He give me some suggestions of that.

So what’s the new trend of our new year wedding destination? Mexico, yes, mybride! but why Mexico?

I think the first and most important reason is that we can buy more things and go more places with less money than other place. The majority of the people go to Cancun and the Riviera Maya, with a much smaller percentage going to western Mexico like Acpuko.

It is certainly more if you don’t have enough budget and its views are not bad!

It’s a wonderful destination, like Peurto Vallarta, because it’s such a great mix style of old and the modern Mexico. The mountains, the oceans, the soft sand… But if you look at Cancun and the Riviera Maya and you look at the hotels, there’s literally something for everybody no matter what your budget is. And number 2, weddings are a big part of their business so they know how to do them, they do them well, they have enough staff, they understand the importance of them, and it just seems to grow for those reasons.

What about honeymoons?

I would say 99% if not 100% of them stay within the all-inclusive concept. But I would still say, honestly, for people who don’t do a destination wedding and just do a honeymoon, you’re probably looking at roughly 65% that do all-inclusives.

How long does it take to plan a destination wedding?

I would say 6 to 9 months is perfectly doable.

Where do couples typically choose to have their ceremony?

By the beach. The conundrum for a lot for a lot of Brides is that they really want to get married on the beach but they really want to wear high heels. Some resorts you can’t do that but other resorts have made wooden runners that go to the gazebo so that Brides can wear their high heels and Lace wedding dresses still get married on the sand.

What about the tacky colors typically associated with all-inclusive resort decor?

They have so many options for colors I didn’t know there were that many colors in the world. And I’m not just talking about the chair bows, I’m talking about the chair covers, table cloths, floral settings… Again, it’s about creating that dream and they do it in Mexico like I’ve never seen!

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