Italy is a country that is not only known for great food, but also for its excellent wines. Particularly, the region Tuscany is much known as origin of outstanding wines. As a matter of fact, the capital of Tuscany, Florence, hosts more wine festivals throughout the year than any other European city, so throughout the year staying at Florence apartments can be a pleasure for wine lovers.

The signature wine of the region is the Chianti. The grapes this redwine is made of are Sangiovese grapes that are grown locally on the Chianti Hills about 30 kilometers south of Florence. For the white wine that comes from this region a grape that is called Trebbiano Toscano is typically used. Brandies are often times made from this type of grape, as well. But if you would like to try a Tuscan white wine, Pomino Vin Santo, is the most popular choice. A real treat among the Tuscan wines is the Brunello di Montalcinos. This red wine is rather pricey, but ages very well. Due to the mixture of grapes that have been grown in two different microclimates of the region its taste is very distinct. Of course, this is just a small selection of the wines of Tuscany, but the more choices there are the more difficult it can get to pick out. A great way of getting to know more about wines is a tasting with an expert who can explain the differences in taste and production.

As the capital of Tuscany, Florence offers a wide range of places that offer wine tasting classes in English. Here is a small selection that you can pick from for your stay in one of the apartments in Florence:

Italy and Wine, Corso dei Tintori, 13

Italy and Wine is specialized in organizing wine tours in different regions of Tuscany. You can pick between private and shared tours, different regions and vineyards focusing on different types of wine.

Tuscan Wine Tours, Via dell’Agnolo

Tuscan Wine Tours offers tastings at the Tuscan Wine School in Florence. Licensed experts organize tours to the best wineries and slow food restaurants in the area.

Vinarium, Via dei Pepi, 56

With a network of different enotecas and restaurants in Florence, you can choose different types of wine tours and tastings, but also cooking lessons. Additionally, it offers a very complete list of other services that are interesting for visitors.

This should be enough information to get you started. Chin chin!