Lloret de Mar is a Spanish coastal town in Catalonia and one of the most popular holiday resorts in Costa Brava. It is situated 70 kilometers from Barcelona. This former fisherman village covers 48 square kilometers and has five main beaches along a 7 kilometers coastline. The rapid development of the city is mainly due to the British investors who tend to own most of the clubs, restaurants and pubs in the city!

The city attracts the crowd in their 18-30s mainly from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, and the Netherlands. However, the Poles tend to come over to Lloret de Mar to work more often than people from the other countries. Spain is a great destination for a gap year abroad, not only due to its sunny weather but also the culture and warm sea. I have been in Lloret three times, and ended up staying there twice over the whole summer working as a barmaid. At the time it seemed like a great idea to go and work at the beautiful and vibrant Spanish resort earning some money at night while partying and enjoying the beach during the day. I can’t remember getting much sleep but who feels like sleeping in the place like this, right!?

I would definitely recommend spending summer in Lloret or any other sea resort, especially when you are lacking funds to go on holidays abroad. You do not have to have anything booked prior your arrival besides plane ticket to Gerona (it is the closest airport to Lloret) or a coach (I did take a bus once from Poland to Spain, but I cannot recall why!?).  I did get some addresses of potential accommodation places before but you can ask local people to direct you to cheap bedsits on arrival. I paid around 8 Euros per night and was staying at the house of a retired Spanish woman who rented the whole building to foreign workers. First time my friend and I stayed in a scruffy room with two beds, one wardrobe and a sink but it got better next year, although the bathroom was shared by usually 4-6 people.  The location, however, was idyll as it was 10 minute walk from work and 5 minute walk from the beach. So we didn’t spend much time in our rooms anyway, mostly hanging out at the beach and enjoying drinks and water sports in the sun (discount on almost everything if you work in some of the clubs).


Lloret de Mar’s proximity to other beautiful places in Spain allowed for quick travels by train and bus to visit cities like Barcelona (2,5 hour from Lloret by train) and Gerona as well as picturesque parks in Lloret and the Lloret Water Park that has a number of great rides that keep you busy for the whole day. Lloret offers a variety of restaurants ranging from proper British meals, Italian or even Chinese dishes. My favorite, however, is a Spanish dish Paella. The best paellas are packed with a great amount of uncut seafood and they are usually served in the small restaurants run by locals. I would advise anyone who attempt to eat the whole thing to order a jar or two of Sangria wine, and even with the constant supply of booze it took my friend and me three hours to finish our paella! What is more, being a Spanish fashion connoisseur, I recommend shopping for interesting pieces in Lloret, Gerona shopping mall and Barcelona city centre. The Spanish retailers’ clothes tend to be much cheaper than in the UK or elsewhere, especially during the summer sales (REBAJAS) in July and August.

One more tip I can give you is to make sure you bought a good travel insurance before you decide to work and travel, as anything can happen!

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